TKA Academics

Students at The King’s Academy excel academically. Here are just a few statistics about TKA:

  • 100% graduation rate
  • Average of 95% of graduates over the last 10 years of attend college
  • Average GPA for seniors over the last 11 years is 3.39
  • Average of 57% of seniors over the last 9 years have received scholarships
  • TKA has served students from over 100 countries! In 2011-2012, students representing 17 countries attended TKA!
  • 33% of the 2011 graduating class received honors diploma

The King’s Academy has always prepared the student to go to college. From the kindergarten curriculum to the advanced calculus high school students take for college credit, everything about TKA is designed to prepare students for further study. We recognize that a student is not merely in the process of becoming; rather each student is someone of importance, with a God-designed mission in life. The King’s Academy academic plan immerses the student into an atmosphere where they discover and engage their talents in fine arts, language, athletics, and other disciplines. The well-rounded academy student who develops academically, emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually is well prepared for the challenge of a university experience.

The King’s Academy academic regimen is rigorous, but also accommodating. TKA offers many avenues of study:

  • The Learning Center at TKA offers education therapy to help students strengthen cognitive and perceptual skills under the auspices of the National Institute of Learning Development.
  • King’s Online allows students anywhere in the world to take accredited middle school and high school coursework.
  • The King’s Academy Home-School Umbrella Program provides academic counsel and support to parents who wish to teach their children at home.
  • High school students may take advanced courses for college credit.
  • TKA students regularly compete with students and teams from much larger schools, performing well in academic, fine arts, and athletic competitions.
Academic Awards & Special Honors

The academy believes in recognizing student achievement. Many opportunities throughout the year are taken to recognize individuals and groups for their accomplishments. The highlight of this effort is the annual Honors and Awards Day program at the end of the school year. Parents are invited to join the TKA family in celebrating student effort and accomplishment.┬áPlease view our ┬ácomplete guide to TKA’s Academic Awards and Special honors here.

Academic Policies, Course of Study & Graduation Requirements

The King’s academy curriculum is designed to not only prepare the student for college, but also to prepare them for a life of service in Christ. For a complete guide to courses of study, graduation requirements, and class descriptions, please view our academic policies here.

Grading Policies

Grades are considered to be very important in the lives of TKA students. Only students who have the ability to succeed are admitted. Therefore, all students are expected to succeed. Effort is made to encourage students and motivate them to academic excellence. For a complete guide to TKA’s Grading Policies please view our online Student Handbook here.