Why The King’s Academy?

Consistently, people who visit the campus comment about the peaceful campus setting, the school’s family atmosphere and the positive attitudes evident among academy students.  The academy’s 132-year history alone is a testimony that this is a special place.  There are many features that attract students and their families to The King’s Academy:  location, setting, academic program, diversity of its students, etc.  The foundational distinction, however, is the academy’s Christian heritage.

The school’s name makes a statement.  The “King” in “The King’s Academy” is the King of Kings, God’s only Son, Jesus Christ Himself.  Above all, The King’s Academy is “His” Academy. The academy affirms that all truth is God’s truth, and we can accomplish nothing of value apart from Him.   Since the academy’s inception in 1880, God has protected, guided and blessed this school, inspiring people to provide educational opportunities to children from the hills of East Tennessee as well as from all over the world.

The academy’s mission statement, developed by the Board of Trustees, is a carefully crafted declaration that charts the course for the school’s future: The King’s Academy is a Christ-centered day and boarding school reaching local, national and international students of all socioeconomic backgrounds, educating and preparing them academically, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually for the twenty-first century.

Below are examples of how we emphasize the five areas of development.


Every aspect of TKA’s curriculum is taught and learned from a Christian perspective. For example, language is different when seen as a divine gift enabling people to communicate with God and others more effectively; the content in a social studies class takes on a whole new meaning when God’s hand in history is revealed; and science becomes more personal and meaningful when God’s character becomes evident in creation. Learn More.

TKA achieved accreditation with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (now AdvancED) in 1979, and undergoes periodic review to assure quality standards are met. Graduates of TKA will have a well developed worldview strengthened by biblically-based values as well as the ability to express a clear and convincing defense of their faith.  Essentially all TKA graduates attend the college or university of their choosing.


Each TKA student is someone of importance, with a God-designed mission in life. Students are immersed in an atmosphere where they discover and engage their unique talents in fine arts, language, athletics, and other disciplines. God has created within each individual a unique personality with special talent. The King’s Academy provides a properly balanced environment of support and challenge where individual students, through a process of discovery of God and self, develop their talents as they grow toward becoming confident, responsible Christian adults.


TKA is committed to the good health and well-being of each student. Physical activity is a part of everyday life on campus, and TKA offers several opportunities for organized events encouraging healthy habits and activities.  At the upper elementary, middle and upper school levels, students are encouraged to be involved actively in the athletic program. The small size of the school provides an excellent opportunity for student-athletes who otherwise may not be able to participate in larger schools. The academy is a member of the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association, (TSSAA) for upper school students, and the Knoxville Independent School League (KISL) at the middle school level.


Boarding students from over 80 nations and most states of  the United States have studied at The King’s Academy. Graduates frequently comment that  interacting with such a diverse student body is one of the most valuable experiences in their lives.  It is not uncommon to see students whose home countries are in conflict with each other working together on class projects. And what a rare opportunity the international students offer American students! Graduates can honestly say they have friends around the world and speak confidently of their firsthand awareness of diverse cultures.


The King’s Academy is a Christian boarding and day school. Academy expectations and standards of behavior are set forth in the teachings of the Bible and in the character of Jesus Christ. The academy strongly encourages all students to accept the promises of God and believe in Jesus Christ as God’s only Son and, because of Jesus’ sacrificial death and miraculous resurrection, the only means of salvation for humanity and the only path to eternal life.

Academy graduates are now making a significant difference in the lives of their families and churches, and thereby their communities and their world. Among our alumni are:

  • Business owners and politicians who conduct their lives with integrity;
  • Educators who invest their lives in children and young people;
  • Ministers who stir others to passion and commitment;
  • Missionaries who trade comfort for conviction;
  • Physicians who heal broken bodies;
  • Social workers who comfort broken hearts; and
  • Parents who raise children in a godly environment.