TKA Announces Middle School Science Fair Winners


TKA is pleased to announce the 2015 Middle School Science Fair Winners! Judges selected the winners based on 1.) the Scientific Method being demonstrated in the research, hypothesis, experiment, gathering of data, and conclusion of each project; 2.) original thought, difficulty of the project, thoroughness of scientific thought, presentation of the experiment and information collected; and 3.) a project that is current or even on the cutting edge of the latest news or needs in society or technology.

Congratulations to the following winners!

Green Award – “If Staying Warm is the Quest, Which Cup Will Be the Best?” – Eli Gordon

Principal’s Award – “More Mass Less Miss” – Josh Bolt

Headmaster’s Award – “Snoring” – Katelyn Barr

Environmental Award – “Oil, Oil, Toil and Trouble” – Nathaniel Hall

3rd Place – “Evaporation:  Does Color Matter?” – Hannah Sayne

2nd Place – “Oil, Oil, Toil and Trouble” – Nathaniel Hall

1st Place – “Phototropism” – Carter Burnett

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TKA Student Wins Big at Miami Open Figure Skating Competition

Hannah Mills Ice Skating 2015TKA student Hannah Mills skated in 6 events in the annual ISI Miami Open figure skating competition at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio Feb 14th and 15th. She took first place in 3 solo events, 1 first place in a couples program and her synchro team took 1st place in their division. Hannah’s theater group took 2nd place in that event. Hannah’s team, the Robert Unger Ice Chalet team , brought home the championship trophy. In total, Hannah came home with 5 first place metals and one 2nd place metal.

Congratulations, Hannah! Your TKA family is proud of you!

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TKA Fourth Graders Serve the Commuity

Silly Second Harvest 4th Grade 2015

We are the Body of Christ-

In conjunction with studying a Bible unit about the Body of Christ serving as salt and light to our community, TKA Fourth Graders “hit the road” to volunteer at Second Harvest Food Bank in Maryville.  A group of fifty students, parents, and teachers spent the morning putting stickers on 18,480 cans of beans and preparing them for storage at the Second Harvest warehouse.  These cans account for over nine tons of food which could help provide meals for almost 20,700 people.

“Our annual field trip to Second Harvest Food Bank is one of our favorite trips each year.  The students love the opportunity to serve as they watch the pallets of cans grow taller and taller!” comments Lori Campbell, one of the fourth grade teachers. “We are able to accomplish so much in just a few hours.”

“I enjoyed working at Second Harvest Food Bank. It made me realize how fortunate I am to have plenty to eat. I would like to help out there again in the future,” said TKA student Caleb Tarwater.

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TKA Students’ Poetry Published in the Anthology of Poetry of Young Americans


L to R: (Back Row) MacGregor Hall, Caleb Teffeteller, Caleb Tarwater, Zeke Connatser (Front Row) Tanner Norris, Emaleigh Tarpley, Juleigh Anne Tucker, Hannah Mielke, McKayla Cannon

The King’s Academy fourth grade students submitted poems to the Anthology of Poetry of Young Americans, the forum that recognizes writing excellence in students from kindergarten through grade twelve. The forum states,”We select and publish the finest poems submitted by student writers and provide teachers with an objective forum for their students’ creations.” (

The King’s Academy is proud to announce that the poems of nine fourth grade students were selected to be published in the Anthology of Poetry of Young Americans for the 2015-2016 school year. Congratulations to McKayla Cannon, Zeke Connatser, MacGregor Hall, Hannah Mielke, Tanner Norris, Emaleigh Tarpley, Caleb Tarwater, Caleb Teffeteller and Juleigh Anne Tucker!

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TKA Announces 2015 Geography Bee Winners


L to Right: Ben Knight, Mr. Lee Daft, and Gavin Hall

Mr. Lee Daft, the 7th and 8th grade social studies teacher at TKA, congratulates this year’s winners of the Geography Bee.  Ben Knight (grade 7) came in first place, and Gavin Hall (grade 6) came in second place after the championship round ended in a tie and the gentlemen competed in a “sudden death” championship tie-breaker that lasted for 10 questions.  Ben will be taking a National Geographic State Test to determine if he is eligible for the state competition in the spring.

TKA students in grades 4-8 are selected to compete in the academy geography bee in which they answer questions about general world-wide geography, including questions about cities, states, countries, geographic features, and culture.  Many academy teachers present daily geography questions to their students in addition to the geography content that is integrated into the social studies curricula.

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TKA Student Wendell Thornton Receives Second Place in County Spelling Bee

Wendell and Carlisle

Wendell Thornton with TKA Middle School Language Arts Teacher Mrs. Carlisle

Wendell and Maddie

Madeline Reagan and Wendell Thornton


Wendell Thornton (grade 7) and Madeline Reagan (grade 7) represented TKA in the Sevier County Spelling Bee for students in grades 4-8.  Twenty-eight students from schools across Sevier County competed in the Spelling Bee, and Wendell came in second place after 12 rounds of competition.

Thank you, Wendell and Madeline for representing TKA well!


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Obstacles to Passion for God

Obstacles to Passion for God

TKA’s 2014-15 chapel theme is “Fire-Desire, Passion-Compassion.”  Focusing on passion during the following skit, TKA student Danielle Quesinberry challenges the middle and high school student body to identify their obstacles to passion for God.  What obstacles will you overcome?


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TKA Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry Students Experience Mathematics in Action

DSC00255 DSC00252 DSC00248 DSC00247 At a glance, Mrs. Zuber’s Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry classroom looks like it has been abandoned.  Students left their paper, pencils, and books behind as they went outside to experience mathematics in action.

Students have been studying parabolas as equations to describe the trajectory of an object.  Today’s lesson brought the concept to life as Jinxu Gu kicked the soccer ball across the parking lot from Jason Wu to Callie Greene.  Jason Wu and Anya Santee held the ends of the ribbon, which represent the roots or zeroes, which is where the parabola would intersect the x-axis drawn on the asphalt.  Mrs. Zuber was in the background watching the class implement their plans, and she was eager to share how proud she is of the students designing their lesson, planning the logistics of the activity, and applying mathematics to real life situations.

After the students carefully observed the path of the soccer ball’s trajectory, they used a tape measure and the coordinate plane they had previously engineered to calculate the coordinates of the vertex of the parabola.  Ben Morin held the ribbon in place to mark the vertex on the class’s parabola while Callie Greene, Jinxu Gu, and Nickolas Tilley calculated the height of the vertex.  The hands-on math lesson piqued the interest of elementary students walking to and from lunch.  Even though the fifth grade class had not studied parabolas yet, they recognized the coordinate plane drawn on the ground.  This activity left younger students thinking, “I can’t wait to do that!”

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TKA Students Participate in All-East Honors Choir

Congratulations to our East Tennessee Vocal Association’s All-East Honors Choirs participants. These students participated with honors choir students all across our East Tennessee area rehearsing and performing at the Clayton Center for the Arts at Maryville College November 20th-22nd. A special congratulations to Senior Kaitlyn Hayes who auditioned, qualified, and participated in the All-East Women’s Choir. Freshmen Honors Choir participants from TKA: Brandon Burgess, Luke Hussung, and Faith Williams. Middle School Honors Choir participants from TKA: Sierra Biggs, Jessica Cookson, Sarah Beth Day, Daniele Guo, Levi Hall, Diana Logan, Bethany Mobley, Halle Morton, Wendell Thornton, Grant Webb, and Keelie Whitaker.


L to R: Freshman Honors Choir Participants Luke Hussung, Faith Williams, and Brandon Burgess


TKA Senior Kaitlyn Hayes


Middle School Honor Choir Participants: (L to R standing) Daniele Guo, Levi Hall, Grant Webb, (L to R Kneeling) Sarah Beth Day and Halle Morton, (L to R Seated) Wendell Thornton, Jessica Cookson, Sierra Biggs, Diana Logan, Keelie Whitaker, Bethany Mobley


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TKA Scholar’s Bowl Teams Earn Unprecedented Success

The King’s Academy Scholars’ Bowl teams have enjoyed unprecedented success during the 2014-2015 season. Team A consisting of Mandy Huffman, Nathan Dowdy, Sam Rector, Danielle Quesinberry, Hanna Wilbourn, and TeamCaptain Tyler Pitney competed in the first round of the PBS East Tennessee Scholars’ Bowl competition against Harriman in a near shut-out game, with a final score of 270-45. The second game against Daniel Boone was a nail-biter, but TKA claimed victory 210-170 advancing to the “Super 16.” In the last game, TKA faced former champions, Dobyns-Bennett, but the TKA team played tough and concluded with a final score of 295-205.

Team B, consisting of Trevor Pitney, Leah Holley, Mason Fox, Frank Pornsopin, Taylor Weekly, and Team Captain Niamh Schumacher took down an all senior team from York Institute with a final score of 140-115 advancing to the second round of competition. TKA was eliminated after facing a tough team from CAK in the second round. 

“Both teams have progressed farther than in years past and we strive to build on this success and momentum for next year!,” Coach Susan Reynolds said.

Team A Scholar's Bowl

TKA Scholar’s Bowl Team A: (L to R) Sam Rector, Tyler Pitney, Danielle Quesinberry, Hanna Wilbourn, Nathan Dowdy, and Mandy Huffman

Team B with Emily Herndon

TKA Scholar’s Bowl Team B pictured with Jeopardy winner Emily Herndon who was invited to the taping of Scholar’s Bowl: (L to R) Niamh Schumacher, Taylor Weekly, Frank Pornsopin, Emily Herndon, Leah Holley, Trevor Pitney, and Mason Fox


Team B Scholar's Bowl in Action

TKA Scholar’s Bowl Team B in Action: (L to R) Leah Holley, Niahm Schumacher, Trevor Pitney, and Taylor Weekly