Back to School Challenges

It’s that time again! TKA faculty and staff are greatly anticipating the new school year. There is much excitement on campus as final preparations are being made for classes which begin on Monday.

Hopefully, there is excitement in your home as you prepare for the beginning of a new school year. But, with the excitement can come challenges. Focus on the Family has some great advice and encouragement for you.

Click here to read how you can help your children (and family) get off to a great start!


TKA Fourth Graders and International Students Come Together

TKA fourth graders and high school international students who are learning English have become friends this year. Fourth grade teachers Mrs. Rollins and Mrs. Campbell have teamed up with ESL (English Second Language) teacher Mr. Molden to bring the students together. The students have been writing letters back and forth to one another and have gotten together occasionally. Friendships have blossomed and English writing skills have improved.  Watch the slideshow below for highlights of the students together!

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Marc Weekly leaving Tennessee softball to coach The King’s Academy

The King’s Academy Athletic Director Marc Weekly has made a tough choice that he is excited about. Weekly is resigning his position as volunteer coach for the University of Tennessee softball team to become head coach of the new softball program at TKA.

Learn more about Weekly’s decision and his plans for TKA softball in The Mountain Press!

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Eight TKA Football Players Named to All-Sevier County and All-State Teams

Four TKA football players have been named to Tennessee Sports Writers Association All-State teams. Jason Maduafokwa and Ridge Palmer were named for Offense while Adam Deatherage and Drew Slomski were named for Defense.

Maduafokwa, Palmer, Deatherage, and Slomski were also named to the All-Sevier County Offense team. Their names and positions follow: Jason Maduafokwa (Running Back) , Ridge Palmer (Wide Receiver),Adam Deatherage (Quarterback), and Drew Slomski (Offensive Line)

L to R: Jason Maduafokwa, Ridge Palmer, Adam Deatherage, Drew Slomski

L to R: Jason Maduafokwa, Ridge Palmer, Adam Deatherage, Drew Slomski


Read the full article in the Knoxville News Sentinel here:

TKA football players Isaiah Jeffers, Sam Herbert, Zane Sutherland, and Ben Sexton were named to the All-Sevier County Second Team.

L to R: Isaiah Jeffers, Sam Herbert, Zane Sutherland, Ben Sexton

Read about the All-Sevier County Team in the 12/25/2013 issue of The Mountain Press!

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TKA Students Take the CLEP Exam and Earn College Credits

L to R: Jordan Click, Bailee Wayland, Katie Dunn, Scarlett Spaulding, Danielle Everett Seated: Mr. Andrew Fultz

L to R: Jordan Click, Bailee Wayland, Katie Dunn, Scarlett Spaulding, Danielle Everett Seated: Mr. Andrew Fultz

Several students from Mr. Fultz’s Advanced Placement United States History class decided to take the U.S. History I CLEP exam. CLEP stands for College Level Examination Program, and it is designed by the same organization, College Board, that creates the A.P. Exams and the SAT. Jordan Click, Bailee Wayland, Katie Dunn, Scarlett Spaulding, and Danielle Everett passed the U.S. History I CLEP, with a few of them receiving very high marks. The exam covers the beginnings of American life, focusing on the English colonies to the end of Reconstruction in 1877. Therefore, these students earned three college credits for that course and are well on their way to succeeding in college, even before exiting high school. CLEP is accepted at more than 2,900 colleges across the country. Local schools include Johnson University, Walter State, Carson-Newman, ETSU, MTSU, Maryville College, Pellissippi, and the University of Tennessee.

Mr. Fultz is very proud of these students. More students from his class will take the U.S. History II CLEP in May, which covers 1877 to the present time, and others will take the A.P. Exam.

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TKA Biology Students Hatch Chickens in the Classroom

TKA Biology Students Hatch Chickens in the Classroom

TKA students Virginia Hayes and Jessica Smith holding "Big Bubba" and "Nugget"

TKA students Virginia Hayes and Jessica Smith holding “Big Bubba” and “Nugget”

"Big Bubba" and "Nugget"

“Big Bubba” and “Nugget”

TKA’s Biology classes  have successfully incubated 2 chickens in the classroom! The chicks have been lovingly named  “Big Bubba”  and “Nugget.” The classes have enjoyed learning about development, variables that effect incubation, chicken breeds, and more!  TKA student Zoe Price has now taken the chicks to continue to raise them and is excited to help!

Thank you to Principal LeRoy Beam for donating the chicken eggs to the TKA science department!

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TKA Announces Spelling Bee Winner and Runner-Up

The King’s Academy held the annual spelling bee October 9, 2013. Four students per grade (4th – 8th grades) were selected to compete. The academy is proud to announce the 2013 winner and runner-up.

Winner: Peyton Overdorf  (8th grade)
Runner-up: Madeline Reagan (6th grade)

Overdorf will go on to compete in the Sevier County Spelling Bee in January 2014.


Peyton Overdorf and Madeline Reagan



TKA Student Niamh Schumacher Places Seventh in Cross Country State Championship

Congratulations to Niamh Schumacher! Niamh made it to the State Championship in Cross Country and placed Seventh! IMG_7837 IMG_7838 IMG_7841 IMG_7847 IMG_7848

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TKA Cheerleaders Honor American Veterans

The King’s Academy cheerleaders honored American veterans by placing wreaths on their graves and respectfully singing the national anthem. Thank you TKA cheerleaders for showing such respect for those who are so deserving. Your TKA family is proud of you!

Read about this story by clicking on the link below:

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TKA Freshman Niamh Schumacher Finishes Strong in State Championship

Congratulations to TKA freshman Niamh Schumacher for finishing 7th in the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association’s state championships! We are proud of you Niamh!

Read this article from The Mountain Press to learn more!