TKA’s Student Life

The King’s Academy is a Christian boarding and day school. Academy expectations and standards of behavior are set forth in the teachings of the Bible and in the character of Jesus Christ. The academy strongly encourages all students to accept the promises of God and believe in Jesus Christ as God’s only Son and, because of Jesus’ sacrificial death and miraculous resurrection, the only means of salvation for humanity and the only path to eternal life.

God has created within each individual a unique personality with special talent. TKA provides a properly balanced environment of support and challenge where individual students, through a process of discovery of God and self, develop their talents as they grow toward becoming responsible adults.

Student Life Goals

TKA strives to:

  • Establish and maintain programs consistent with Christian standards
  • Help students achieve competence intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually
  • Provide a climate that is free from excessive anxiety and conducive to growth
  • Provide opportunities for students to be reflective and introspective
  • Provide experiences which help students to clarify their interests and integrate Christian values
  • Provide experiences for students that aid them in making commitments

Special Events at The King’s Academy

Guidance & Counseling

The King’s Academy believes in ministering to all of the needs of the students. Based upon Christian beliefs, guidance and career counseling are provided by the guidance office. Other services that are available are ACT and SAT preparations, testing, tutorial services, college planning, college financial aid assistance, scholarship search assistance, and career inventories. “College Fair” in the fall is a special activity sponsored by the guidance office. Click here to learn more about college counseling at The King’s Academy.

Sister School Relationship

The academy enjoys a special sister school relationship with Central Christian Academy (CCA) in Suwon, Korea. The academy has committed to pray for and participate in special exchange programs with CCA. Older elementary students from CCA have visited TKA to participate in special cultural enrichment programs of approximately two weeks in length, and middle school students from TKA have traveled to Korea to participate in a similar program at CCA.

Dining At Ashe Cafeteria

The King’s Academy is committed to offering fresh and nutritious dining options for our student body. Each day students have three options to choose from for their midday meal:  salad bar, sandwich bar, and hot bar. The hot bar menu changes daily and includes a delicious yet nutritionally balanced offering of meat and vegetable proteins, complex carbohydrates, and dietary fiber.  The salad bar includes fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetable selections. The sandwich bar offers various meat and dairy proteins with accompanying vegetables and sandwich dressings. Click here to learn more about TKA Food Services.

Boarding students will also eat breakfast and dinner in Ashe Cafeteria. Breakfast options include a hot bar as well as cereal, bagels, toast, etc.  The evening meal is a delicious offering of wholesome hot bar and salad bar options.

Student Store

The student store is located in the Hasson Building and is open for students in grades 9-12 before school, during the morning break and after school. The store is open to grades 6-8 before school, during lunch, study hall (at the teacher’s discretion) and after school. School supplies and snacks may be purchased at that time.

Clark Library

The TKA library is located on the main floor of the Hasson Building. The library offers students a comfortable study atmosphere as well as a supply of research materials, magazines and books (over 12,000 volumes). Computers are available with access to hundreds of magazines and scholarly journals.

We recognize that a healthy balance between academics and other activities is vital to a student’s successful development. Review these links to see some of the other Student Life Activities available here at TKA: