Excerpt from Carynn Walker's Award Winning Painting - Kindergarten
Sydney Cook, Artist - 10th Grade Award Winning Painting
Elena Hylan With Award Winning Drawing, "Crazy Face" - 1st Grade
Clay Branton, Artist - 8th Grade Award Winning Drawing
Sydney Cook Receiving Award - 10th Grade
Mrs. Leslie Mielke, Art Teacher The King's Academy

Did You Know...?

The King’s Academy (TKA) recently had several art students take part in the Sevier County Student Art Show at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  The show included students in grades Kindergarten through 12th Grade, and offered over $1800 in cash awards.

TKA had an outstanding representation of 12 students with artwork in the show – Haydyn Jenkins, Reagan Russell, Elena Hylan, Nicos Carvalho, Colt Glasgow, Sydney Cook, Ashleigh Hood, Taylor Daft, Aaron Harper, Felicity Fulcher, Carynn Walker and Clay Branton.  These students shared their unique designs through various art mediums such as painting and drawing.  We are proud of all of these students who shared their talents with our community.

Four TKA Students were presented with awards for their artwork along with a cash prize.  Those individuals are pictured in this blog post with their work: Sydney Cook – 10th Grade, Clay Branton – 8th Grade, Elena Hylan – 1st Grade, and Carynn Walker – Kindergarten.

The King’s Academy is privileged to be able to provide our students access to excellent art instruction, through our art teacher, Mrs. Leslie Mielke.  Do you have a student with an interest in the area of art?  We encourage you to come for a visit and take a look at what he or she is able to learn and experience at The King’s Academy.  We invite you to schedule a visit either through our website, www.thekingsacademy.net or call our school at 865-573-8321.

The Source of Our Creativity

As The King’s Academy celebrates the successes of some of our student artists, we also pause to take a look at what God is doing in and through them in the creative process.  While Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “art” as “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings”, for the Christian, art takes on an even deeper meaning as we begin to see the Creator through His creation, and vice versa.  Recently, a missionary, who serves as an art teacher in an international school in Hungary, shared how this idea has been evident to her through her students:

            We have been super busy in Art class creating and discussing the beauty all around us and the details of God’s creation and love for us. It is such a blessing and joy to watch children create and take the time to discover through discussion and observation how wonderful our God is.”

“…we have been working on self-portraits. Having the children in groups of four closely looking at each others’ facial features and realizing that God created them uniquely as much on the outside as He has on the inside has been so fun! We talk a lot about how we are each different but all God’s children and about the importance of respecting one another and accepting that we are not all the same, neither is our art work or abilities. We were each created for a purpose and are so, so loved by God who yearns to have a relationship with each one of us no matter culture, nationality, or mistakes we have made…By not worrying about what our art work looks like compared to others is how each one of us can share and model our relationship with Christ to others around us. It’s not about our artwork being accepted by others but rather that we have put our hearts and our personal best into it for Him!” 

We thank God for His gift of creativity and for the children He has entrusted to us at The King’s Academy.  We celebrate their successes and their personal development as children of God!

Felicity Fulcher, Artist - 8th Grade
Aaron Harper, Artist - 11th Grade
Excerpt from Nicos Carvalho's Drawing - 5th Grade
Haydyn Jenkins, Artist - 11th Grade
Excerpt of Taylor Daft's Drawing - 8th Grade
Top: Colt Glasgow - 4th Grade Bottom: Reagan Russell - 5th Grade
Carynn Walker Receiving Award - Kindergarten
Aaron Harper, Artist - 11th Grade
Taylor Daft, Artist - 8th Grade
Clay Branton with Award Winning Artwork, "Future Self Portrait" - 8th Grade
Ashleigh Hood, Artist - 9th Grade, Self Portrait