Information of Interest

Congratulations, Maddie for being selected as one of the 30 high school students to attend the 2019 Tennessee Governor’s School in Integration of Biological & Statistical Sciences.  The school will be held on the campus of East Tennessee State University from May 26th to June 28th.

In the picture, Maddie is holding the letter she received from Program Director, Dr. Anant P. Godbole.  Below is some of what it says:

We received a large number of applications for this years’s 30 slots, and I commend you for an academic record that clearly places you among Tennessee’s best and brightest high school students.

The invitation . . . includes a full scholarship from the Tennessee Department of Education to cover your tuition, textbooks, housing and meals while at the School.

We believe [this school] is the most extraordinary intellectual experience you can have as a high school student . . . you will experience some of the most engaging academic challenges in your life.