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Look how our Elementary is meeting the challenge.

Day One of online instruction was a huge success!  It was very exciting to see the different ways students are engaged in learning!  It makes me so proud to be a TKA Lion!  You are leading the way in challenging times to ensure we continue to move forward and grow.  If the first day of online instruction did not go well for you, please do not be discouraged.  Please communicate with your child’s teachers, be patient and take it one day at a time.   We are all here to assist in any way possible to continue to provide a positive and fulfilling learning experience for your student.

 Even with the temporary transition to online classes, TKA is still providing instruction to all enrolled students, thus meeting the terms of TKA’s obligation in the Enrollment Agreement.  This instruction will enable our students to complete coursework in their current classes and allow them to advance to the next grade level.  While this format is not the ideal instructional model for any of us, it is the best workable model anyone can offer in the present circumstances of social distancing for reducing the spread of COVID-19.  Faculty members are instructing students and numerous staff members maintain other vital “behind the scenes” academy operations.   We know that all of you are going through unique challenges.  We are praying that our awesome God will provide for your every need.  Let’s encourage and support one another.  Please let our staff know how we can support you during this time!

TKA is truly blessed to have a team of talented teachers and support staff that are working diligently to provide high level instruction to our students in a time when many students throughout our local area and country are left with very limited educational options.  We praise God for His faithfulness to provide for us and for the ability to continue learning!  I want to thank you for remaining faithful, supportive, and unified!  We will come out stronger on the other side and our children will ultimately benefit.

God Bless,

Matt Mercer, President