The Bible Training Center for Adults

The Seminary Extension

The Seminary Extension is a ministry of the Southern Baptist Convention and their six seminaries. The centers were established for the express purpose of providing invaluable Biblical training for those desiring to enhance their ministries and further their Biblical education but could not afford to move away to attend seminary. The Center here at Harrison Chilhowee offers a diploma in Biblical Studies that is fully accredited by the Distance Education and Training Counsel (DETC).

The seminary extension conducts classes on Monday evenings from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm for eight week periods and financial aid is available.  This kind of schedule allows for bi-vocational pastors, part-time ministers of music or youth, Sunday school teachers and lay people to gain practical ministry knowledge and application without taking away from their normal work schedule.  Each course is taught by a well-qualified instructor who has a heart for men and women who want to make the most of their ministries.

The Bible Training Center is under the direction of Dr. Mark S. Martin, pastor of Smoky View Baptist Church in Maryville, Tennessee.  Dr. Martin’s commitment to excellence in Biblical education, coupled with his compassion for those desiring to be better ministers will make the Bible Training Center a place of encouragement for every student.

For more information about these classes, or the Bible Training Center in general, contact Dr. Mark Martin at or 865-748-1000.

Schedule of Classes

Spring 2017

  • Old Testament Survey – Part 1
    A Survey of (1) the historical and cultural background of the Old Testament. (2) the books of the Pentateuch (Genesis through Deuteronomy), and (3) the books known as the Former Prophets (Joshua, Judges, 1 and 2 Kings).
  • Old Testament Survey – Part 2
    A survey of all the prophetic books of the Old Testament (Isaiah through Malachi) as well as miscellaneous books known as the Writings (Psa., Job, Ruth, Song of Songs, Eccl., Lam., Ester, Dan., Ezra, Neh., and 1 and 2 Chron.).

Fall 2017

  • New Testament Survey – Parts 1 and 2
Dr. Mark Martin

Because the Seminary Extension program has greatly improved my knowledge and understanding of the Bible, I am able to greater impact the lives of my congregation and their walk with the Lord.

– Rev. Edward J. King (2013 graduate)

Having attended classes for three years, I appreciate the opportunity to grow in my understanding of the Bible and Christian ministry. What you learn here is useful whether you stand behind the pulpit or teach Sunday school.

Bob Schultz (2014 graduate)