College Visits

Students should visit colleges in which they are interested. An on-campus visit may sometimes determine if the college is a good fit. The King’s Academy allows juniors to take 2 days of excused absences while seniors may take 3 days of excused absences during the school year to visit colleges, provided the conditions below are met:

  1. The student must not be on academic or social supervision status.
  2. The student must have a good attendance record.
  3. The student must make prior arrangements for making up class work and assignments with each teacher.
  4. The student must work through the guidance office to make necessary arrangements two weeks before the scheduled visit.  Requests for college visitation days should be completed no later than April 15.
  5. The student must have at least a “C” average in all current classes.
  6. The student must have taken the ACT, SAT, or TOEFL.


A campus visit is highly recommended.  Before you visit a campus, consider some of the options below.  It is also important to develop a list of questions and plan specific activities to accomplish your goals.

  • Visit every college you are considering, preferably during a week when classes are in session
  • Call ahead for an appointment
  • Don’t be late
  • Dress appropriately- look presentable
  • Ask questions
  • Talk to current students
  • Meet with an admissions officer
  • Verify admission requirements (test scores and high school preparation)
  • Discuss your chances of success
  • Obtain a college calendar and catalog, if you don’t already have them
  • Determine college costs
  • Ask about financial aid opportunities, as well as deadlines, forms required, etc.
  • Meet with faculty in the academic area of interest to you
  • Ask questions about academic requirements/offerings
  • Attend a class to get an idea of typical size, teaching style, academic atmosphere
  • Ask about the placement records for graduates in the field you might study
  • Identify career planning services for undergraduates
  • Tour the campus (Be sure to check out the dorms, dining hall, library, etc.)
  • Talk to students about the general academic environment and the study commitment necessary for success
  • Find out what student activities (clubs, organizations, intramurals, etc.) are available
  • Inquire about campus life and social activities
  • Investigate transportation options
  • Follow your gut- find a college that “feels right” to you
  • Pray about this important decision
  • College Virtual Tours:
    • Visit hundreds of colleges from one website.  Also includes college planning information and links to each college.