TKA Academic Awards and Accolades

UT Pro2Serve Math Contest: Representing students from all around the state

  • Top 50 on Fermat I: Charles An, Zheyu Li, Hyee Sun Chun
  • Top 10 on Fermat II: Hyee Sun Chun

Association Of Christian Schools International Writing Festival

  • Top Honors: Jessica Ayers & Catherine Sharp

Tennessee Mathematics Teachers Association’s Mathematic Competition

  • 2nd Place Pre-Calculus: Zheyu Li
  • 3rd Place Geometry: Wei Chen
  • 3rd Place Calculus: Hyee Sun Chun

Southern Appalachian Science and Engineering Fair

  • Grace Mikels: Honorable Mention
  • Danielle Everett & Leah Rollins: Certificate of Excellence

Science Olympiad

  • 1st Place Technical Problem Solving: Hyee Sun Chun & Tyler Pitney
  • 1st Place Robot Arm: Lucas Brackins & Jacob Gunthert
  • 3rd Place Chemistry Lab: Hyee Sun Chun & Dylan Hayes
  • 3rd Place Experimental Design & Fermi Questions: Hyee Sun Chun & Tyler Pitney
  • 3rd Place Water Quality: Tyler Pitney & Halyse Taylor
  • 3rd Place Towers: Wei Chen

Association of Christian Schools International Music Festival

  • Excellent rating – Choir and Orchestra

Roane State Community College Academic Festival

  • 1st Place: Chemistry Essay, Michaela Gunter
  • 1st Place: Instrumental Ensemble
  • 2nd Place: Qualitative Analysis (Grace Jang & Hyun Soo Lim), 80 Word Dash Fresh./Soph. Level (Adam Deatherage) , Vocal Classical Solo (Katie Jo O’Neal)
  • 3rd Place: Calculator Olympics (Sam England), Small Vocal Ensemble

National Spanish Exam

  • Bronze: Malina Kinnaird; Honorable Mention (9 students)

Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools

  • Musician Finalist: Katie Jo O’Neal

Association of Christian Schools International Distinguished High School Student Award

  • Twenty-one TKA junior and senior recipients (over 1/4 of the two classes)

Presidential Educational Excellence Award

  • Sixteen senior recipients (almost half of the senior class)

Honors Diplomas

  • Eight seniors graduated with highest honors (almost one-fourth of the class)

Tennessee Scholars

  • Nine senior Tennessee Scholars (one fourth of the senior class)

PLAN Test Scores (Pre-ACT: Compared to Sophomores Nationwide)

  • Top 10%: Lydia Dowdy (10th Grade), Tyler Pitney (9th Grade), Kaleb Razzak (10th Grade)
  • Top 2%: Adam Deatherage (10th Grade), Josh Keller (9th Grade)
  • Top 1%: Jacob Gunthert (10th Grade), Catherine Sharp (10th Grade)

PSAT (Pre SAT: Compared to Juniors Nationwide)

  • Top 10 %: Sam England (11th grade) & Jacob Gunthert (10th Grade)

ACT (2012 Graduates)

  • Top 10%: Dylan Hayes & Kelsi Pratt
  • Top 5%: Hyee Sun Chun
  • Top 2 %: Rebecca Gioioso & Clay Hale