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2015 TKA Baseball Coaches: Head Coach – KC Gann.   Volunteer Coach Brandon Gann

K.C. Gann takes the reins for The King’s Academy baseball

K.C. Gann’s first text to his baseball team at The King’s Academy was about paying attention to detail.

Those little things, those fundamentals, are what the focus needs to be for an inexperienced team trying to make it big.

“At first, I was like, having been playing baseball for a long time, ‘Oh, fundamentals again. It’s going to be slow,’ ” said junior Chandler Viscardis. “But he’s actually put new drills in that’s helped us a lot. He does drills for everybody. One thing wouldn’t help one person but it’s going to help another person in a big way. Just doing the small things makes a big difference in the games we play.”

Viscardis said that’s already been evident in the first two games of the season, a doubleheader split at Stone Memorial. The Lions were able to recognize how small mistakes led to a loss in the second game.

Gann is making believers out of these guys in just a short couple months on the job.

“It’s been a lot different,” said senior Tyler Pitney. “This has been my third coach in five years. It’s been a new learning experience. We play a lot more small ball this year. That’s been a lot more fun getting to bunt a little bit. A lot more baserunning, a lot more logistics instead of just hit the ball as hard as you can.”

Gann, a Seymour native, comes to TKA with more than two decades of coaching experience at every level from T-ball all the way up to college. Viscardis has been impressed by that resume, pointing to a lot of the instruction Gann has brought from the collegiate level and applied to practices with the Lions.

“You start to realize the more that you coach that sometimes you’re not going to get 15 all-stars that understand the game,” Gann said. “Each kid is at a different level. My job is to take them to that next level, no matter if they’re on stage one or stage 10 of the sport. There’s an old saying in coaching that says K.I.S.S. — Keep It Simple, Stupid. Sometimes us as coaches, we start coaching over our heads. It’s really helped me a lot, especially with the youth, going, ‘Hey, I can break this down a notch.’ ”

Gann’s team won’t play a full district schedule this spring but will compete in Division II’s District 1 tournament at the end of the season. Until then, he wants to keep things simple and work on those fundamentals. At midseason, he can reassess the progress they’ve made.

It’s all with an eye toward building for the future, which looks a little brighter now that the Lions have bolstered a middle school program with 14 players.

“What we have to do every ball game is we have to throw strikes, we’ve got to make routine plays and we’ve got to put the ball in play,” Gann said. “Once we can do that, we’re going to be successful. Now with that said, that’s our goals this year. I know that sounds pretty simple but we’ve got to start from the ground up. Once we understand that concept and buy into that concept, we’ll start having success on the field.”

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