2012 Bowling TeamTKA High School Bowling

Mr. David Mosher has been TKA’s Bowling coach since the program’s inception in 2001.  For Mosher, bowling began as a weekly family activity.  He states, “As a young person,  I had the chance to meet bowlers of all ages and I learned how to bowl without bumper pads.  I also learned to keep score by hand.   It was then that I realized how compatible the sport is with learning life-long skills, as well as developing life-long relationships.”

“Over the years I have been privileged to coach students from literally all over the world.  Our team motto “One More Pin” motivates us to constantly strive for improvement.  Our team verse from Matthew 7:14, ‘Straight is the gate and narrow is the way,’ reminds us that true life and victory are found only in Christ.”

TKA bowling is open to boys and girls in grades eight through twelve.  Prior to this year, TKA bowlers have competed as a co-ed team against local high schools.  This year, in addition to having a men’s team, we have had enough ladies come out to start a team of their own.

Mosher’s goal as a coach is to provide opportunities for young people to create habits of skill refinement and team fellowship in a context of fun and competition that will hopefully carry over into other aspects of their lives.   And, of course, he hopes they will discover that bowling makes a great life-long hobby.

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