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Athletics at The King's Academy

The Athletics Department of the King’s Academy Christian Day and Boarding School in Seymour, Tennessee is committed to offering each student a full range of athletic opportunities while enrolled at the academy. Like their namesake, the TKA Lions are fierce competitors, exhibiting superior athleticism while adhering to the moral code of good sportsmanship. To be a TKA Lion is to be part of a rich tradition of top-notch athletes who have achieved great success both on and off the playing field. Under the direction of Matt Lowe, Head Football Coach and Director of Athletics, TKA looks forward to adding to the winning tradition of the TKA Lions by helping students develop their athletic abilities.

All students are encouraged to be involved actively in the athletic program throughout the year. The small size of the school provides an excellent opportunity for student athletes who otherwise may not be able to participate in larger schools. There are also positions for statisticians, student-managers, and student trainers. The school colors are purple and gold and the lion is the school mascot.

Interscholastic Affiliations and Associations

For the purpose of participation in interscholastic athletics the academy is a member of the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association, TSSAA (high school), and the Knoxville Independent School League, KISL (middle school). The TSSAA (Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association) is “an organization which formulates policies, game rules, and standards for interschool competition. All 50 states and several Canadian provinces are members of the National Federation of State High School Associations. Tennessee has rules on eligibility which correspond to those recommended by the National Federation. It is to the credit of the people of Tennessee that TSSAA is recognized by other states as one of the best in the United States. Tennessee has been called on frequently to help its neighbors with other programs, and TSSAA staff members have been named to national offices and committees in recognition of their work” (Source:

Eligibility for Participation in Athletics & Cheerleading

The King’s Academy recognizes the role that participation in activities can play in fostering growth and development, and it encourages all students to be active. In fact, all resident students are encouraged to be involved in an after-school sport or organized activity throughout the year.

While activities are important at TKA, they are secondary to the academic program. In order for a student to be eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics, the student must be making satisfactory progress toward graduation. For further information, students and parents should consult the athletic director or guidance office.

A student who misses more than half of the school day [defined as missing more than half of any four class periods for upper school and more than half of any five standard class periods for middle school (middle school block classes count as two classes) of a full school day schedule; or more than two clock hours of any half school day schedule] due to illness or physical complaint will not be eligible to participate in any athletic practice or contest that day. Exception may be granted for routine dental or medical appointments scheduled in advance.

The academy administration reserves the right to restrict any student’s participation in athletics if the student’s academic or behavioral status is unsatisfactory. A student that is failing one or more classes or making a D in two or more classes during any half-quarter grading period may be restricted from athletic competition until the overall grades are satisfactory (no F’s and no more than one D). The reevaluation of grades will be done on a weekly basis for the purpose of reinstatement.

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