Fine Arts

We believe that God is the ultimate creator and that we are created in His image. As such, we each are a creator–perhaps a painter, a poet, a musician, a scientist, etc. The King’s Academy offers opportunities for your student to discover the creator within and engage his/her talents through various art forms. 

TKA Fine Arts Courses

Art and Honors Art, Choir and Honors Choir, and Band and Honors Band


Spring Drama auditions are held each fall.  Rehearsals begin promptly after auditions and continue through the spring. The drama season culminates with outstanding performances enjoyed by enthused audiences in March or April.

TKA Awards for Students in the Arts

  • Art Department Awards Medals are given to the students with the highest academic averages in each subject. Certificates may be awarded for outstanding effort, most improved, etc.
  • Ersa N. Davis Awards are given to two outstanding three-year music students (one choir student and one orchestra student) who have maintained an A average in music and a B average overall.
  • Peggy DeHart Dean Music Awards are given to the most improved choir student and the most improved orchestra student.
  • ACSI Distinguished High School Student Awards are presented to all juniors and seniors recommended by faculty based on a distinguished Christian testimony and excellence in Academics, Leadership, Fine Arts, Athletics, or Christian Service.
  • Fine Arts students can audition for All-East and All-State band and choir.