Spiritual Life

The King’s Academy is a Christian boarding and day school. Academy expectations and standards of behavior are set forth in the teachings of the Bible and in the character of Jesus Christ. The academy strongly encourages all students to accept the promises of God and believe in Jesus Christ as God’s only Son and, because of Jesus’ sacrificial death and miraculous resurrection, the only means of salvation for humanity and the only path to eternal life.

God has created within each individual a unique personality with special talent. TKA provides a properly balanced environment of support and challenge where individual students, through a process of discovery of God and self, develop their talents as they grow toward becoming responsible adults.

The spiritual growth of academy students is vital to the development of a sense of Christian community within the academy family. Intertwined with the academy’s activities program is a series of planned experiences designed to heighten the spiritual awareness of students and foster their spiritual growth.

Spiritual Life on The King’s Academy Campus

Devotions are scheduled each school day. This provides a time for inspiration and offers an opportunity to share concerns and good news with others. Prayer is also a vital part of this daily discipline.

Chapel programs are planned each week. They feature academy personnel and students as well as local personalities and special guests.

Service Opportunities

As a school built on faith and community, service opportunities are built into the fabric of our day-to-day lives. Class trips and half-days often dedicate a majority of the schedule to helping at food pantries, sorting clothes at a mission, or playing soccer with students at a Guatemalan primary school. We maintain that student become servants to their home, church, and community by making a it a regular practice–and students appreciate the platform to change their world through modelling the perfect servant: Christ.

The King’s Academy is the complete Christian education experience. We minister to our students’ minds, bodies, and minds. But don’t just take our word for it, take a deeper look at what we do for every student that calls our campus home.