While we are excited to offer in-person education, we must continue to maintain a safe learning environment for all students, faculty/staff, and additional stakeholders.

To do so, we will be working closely with the Sevier County Health Department in regards to Covid-19 protocols.

January 4, 2022 Updated Policy:



Lion family,

First and foremost, I hope that each of you had a wonderful Christmas and a beneficial time of rest and fellowship. While we are truly excited to begin a new year, unfortunately, the reality of Covid-19 remains an issue that we as a school community must continue to address. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those who are ill at this moment, as we ask for the Lord’s provision and healing of our nation.

While we will continue to progress with the second semester on campus, we must be careful not to let our guard down as cases continue to rise. We ask that our families partner with us by ensuring that their students are not sent to school if they are ill. We will continue to practice our mitigation strategies in order to limit the impact on campus life as much as physically possible.

In regards to our response protocols, we are editing our initial requirements to be in line with the recent CDC recommendations for isolation and quarantine. Our updated policy can be found below and should allow for minimal disruption to our learning environment as it allows for a speedier return.

–        In the event that a student/staff member/etc. tests positive, they are to enter isolation for five days upon notifying the school. After their five-day isolation period is over, it is strongly recommended that they wear a facial covering for five additional days while returning to campus (based upon CDC recommendations).

–        In the event that a student/staff member/etc. is contact traced (being determined that they were in direct contact with a positive case), they are to enter quarantine for 5 days and are free to return after the fifth day with no other stipulations.

While we would prefer to be passed this pandemic, we are truly grateful for the support of our school community that has allowed us to return to as much normal as possible throughout our first semester. Please join me in praying for the Lord’s deliverance and protection from illness for the upcoming academic semester. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or any member of our leadership team.

In Christ Alone,

Jeremy Sandefur


The King’s Academy



What does that mean for TKA at this moment?

  • Masks are NOT mandated (if you want your child to wear one they are welcome too) on campus.
  • We will work to maintain a safe social distance when possible (3/6 feet).
  • Families are strongly encouraged to directly report it to the appropriate grade level office if their child becomes ill or tests positive for Covid-19.
  • Quarantines will be communicated as required/necessary from the Sevier County Health Department.
  • Students missing time due to Covid-19 will be able to use Google Classroom (Grades 3 -12, Pre-K-2nd will have information communicated via teacher) to ensure they do not fall behind academically (instructors at each grade level will provide information regarding how to do so this week).

Sevier County Health Department Resources:

CDC Covid Data Tracker