The King’s Academy is a day and boarding school that prepares students academically, spiritually, and socially to face life’s challenges as productive, service oriented citizens.

  • The day school is for Pre-K (age 4 by Aug. 15) through 12th grade.  Our boarding students are in grades 7 through 12.
  • We offer a Morning Care program from 7:30 am to 7:55 am when students may enter their classroom.
  • We also offer an Extended Care program for PreK4-8th grade students. The cost is $8 per hour from 3 pm – 6 pm daily.  This is NOT available on half-days.


The King’s Academy is a family. Everything, from academic instruction to fine arts, is founded on personal relationships between students and staff unified in the cause of Christ. Spiritual life at the Academy includes weekly, engaging chapel services and regular opportunities for hands-on service, while our Boarding Program provides a vibrant home-away-from-home for students from abroad–all within the context our beautiful, 67-acre campus.

Our faculty represents one of the most caring and accomplished teams available in secondary education. This ensures that no matter the background a student may bring to the classroom, they will be met with attentive, individualized care. The diverse student body is a source of pride, and TKA’s mentors and instructors continue to foster the perfect environment for growth and success. To learn more about the Academy’s learning center, click here. For more about our history and who we are, click here.

TKA offers students superior academics with a Christian worldview. Essentially all TKA graduates attend the college or university of their choice. Graduates of TKA have a well-developed worldview strengthened by biblically-based values and the ability to express a clear and convincing defense of their faith.   Click here to view a list of where recent TKA graduates are attending college. Click here to view recent SAT/ACT rankings.

The King’s Academy offers a wide variety of  competitive sports for boys and girls. On and off the field, TKA Lions are fiercely dedicated to discipline, teamwork, and achievement. To learn more about TKA sports, click here.